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Hagley Centre Of Complementary Medicine is pleased to offer the following treatments

Complementary Medicine could work for you
Plus Other Techniques

and other recognised complementary techniques.


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The Principal of the Centre Teresa J Shipley L.C.P.H, has had first hand experience of the beneficial effects of complementary medicine. With more than twelve years of complementary medicine behind her, she became a qualified practitioner in 1992.
Her quests for suitable treatments have meant that she has encountered some of the top Homoeopathic Consultants in Europe.
Convinced of the benefits, she has opened this friendly and superbly presented new centre in the convenient location of Worcester Road, Hagley, with it's excellent road and rail links.


 Homeopathy A complementary treatment for conditions as diverse as simple allergies to chronic illnesses. We encompass both Complex and Classical techniques.
 Vega A method of electronically detecting extreme sensitivities existing in a patient. This enables very specific treatment with homeopaths
Floatation A method of profound Relaxation
Reiki A natural healing system
Plus Other Therapies
A Selection from an introduction to homoeopathy:

WHAT IS HOMOEOPATHY?   Homoeopathy is based on the natural law of Similars, and works on the principle that disease can be cured by a medicine which when given to healthy people produces similar symptoms to the disease. This law of Similars was discovered about 200 years ago by a German physician called Samuel Hahnemann. He introduced a system of 'proving' which systematically tested medicinal substances by giving them to healthy human beings and recording the observed changes. From these provings detailed 'remedy pictures' have been compiled which have been confirmed by clinical experience. Hahnemann also observed that only minute amounts of the appropriate medicine were needed to stimulate the body into building up resistance to disease and restore health to the system.

WHO USES HOMOEOPATHY? The answer is quite simple - anyone! People are attracted to it because of its gentleness, power and ability to treat everyone as an individual. Many are first drawn to homoeopathy as an alternative to potentially harmful drugs. Homoeopathy is invaluable in treating children, the elderly, pregnant women, weak and fragile patients as well as more hearty clients.

WHAT IS THE TREATMENT LIKE? When you go for a consultation, the homoeopath will spend the necessary time getting to know all about you. You may be asked many questions about yourself , your lifestyle, the past health of yourself and your family, and about your illness. After your case has been carefully considered, you will be prescribed a remedy usually in the form of pills  which are easy to take and have a pleasant taste. They are non-toxic, and non habit forming.

WHAT CAN I EXPECT TO HAPPEN? Patients often feel a sense of wellbeing and optimism after taking a remedy. It occasionally happens that your symptoms may appear a little worse for a short time. This is a good sign and shows that the remedy is taking effect, soon after which you will begin to feel that recovery is indeed taking place.

WHAT CAN HOMOEOPATHY TREAT? Homoeopathy can be used by anyone of any age for most physical and emotional complaints. It can also help where other forms of medicine find the symptoms too vague to treat but YOU know something is not right. Its gentle and non-invasive nature means many are first attracted to it as an alternative in pregnancy or for children's health problems such as ear aches, asthma, eczema, sleep or emotional problems. It can help arthritis, hypertension, hayfever, allergies, menstrual and digestive disorders, to name but a few. Emotional states such as grief, trauma, depressions or anxiety can manifest themselves in physical symptoms which can prevent people from moving on. Homoeopathic treatment can help problems like these to be overcome.

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Seven Theories of Floating by Michael Hutchinson, author of "The Book of Floating"

There's no doubt that floating works - as a therapeutic, educational and entertainment tool it has powerful effects on a number of levels, including the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Today there is an explosion of floatation research taking place and the evidence so far falls into a number of distinct, though inter-related explanations:
1 The Antigravity Explanation. The buoyancy afforded by the dense Epsom-salt solution eliminates the body's specific gravity, bringing the floater close to an experience of total weightlessness.Gravity is probably the single largest cause of human health problems - bad backs, sagging abdomens, aching feet , painful joints and muscular tension that result from our unique but unnatural upright position.
2 The Brain Wave Explanation. In addition to the well known alpha waves produced by the brain, theta waves are also produced, accompanied by vivid memories, free association, sudden insights, creative inspiration and feelings of serenity and oneness. It has been established that floating increases production of these theta waves.
3 The Left Brain Right Brain Explanation. The two hemispheres of the brain operate in fundamentally different modes; the left being better for detail and the right being better for putting all of the pieces together by pattern recognition - visually, intuitively rapidly absorbing large scale information. Recent research has shown that floating increases right brain function.
4 The Three Brain Explanation. Paul Maclean chief brain researcher at the national Institute for Mental Health (US) has put forward his "Triune Brain Theory". He believes that there are three parts to the brain which he refers to as reptile - self preservative, visceral - emotions, neocortex - memory, intellect, language and consciousness. Three brains should be better than one, but due to modern day living this is often not the case. It has been shown that floating will increase heightened awareness and decrease physical arousal thus increasing the vertical organisation of the brain resulting in enhanced communication and harmony between the there brains.
5 The Neurochemical Explanation. Neuroscientists have discovered that the brain is an endocrine organ secreting chemicals which influence our behaviour. Tests indicate that floating increases the secretion of endorphins whilst reducing the emission of other stress related chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol.
6 The Biofeedback Explanation. We now know that humans can learn to exercise conscious control over virtually any cell in their bodies. This shutting of external stimuli is exactly what the floatation environment does best, in the tank every physical sensation is magnified, and because there is no possibility of outside distraction, we are able to relax deeply and focus at will upon any part or system of the body.
7 The Homeostasis Explanation. Homeostasis is an optimal state of balance, harmony, equilibrium and stability. Research now indicates that many of floating's most powerful effects come from it's tendency to return the body to a state of homeostasis.

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